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Become more productive, not busy!


So you feel like you’re running to catch up, then Thursday and Friday roll around way too quickly yet you are still scrambling to tick things off your list for Monday?! 


Our team at bötanica wild have all at stages felt like this too - (you’re not alone)! We have also don’t the research and tested everything to be able to give you the effective lowdown on dealing - basically so you don’t have to add more onto your to do list! 


Think back on last month, how many times did you answer friends and family “I’m busy”..? It’s so easy to fall into this trap of being busy. At times I remember I’ve personally felt like I was drowning, it was overwhelming. 

Productivity is not about being busy, or repeating tasks and jobs over and over. If you try to follow the outdated method of doing a job over and over on repeat it can lead you to exhaustion and burnout. 


If you want a new or different outcome, you must do different actions to achieve this. 


The lowdown: our brains take in approximately 15,000 bits of new data daily. Making a clear and considered choice as to what we focus on will immediately provide more clarity and focus. 

For example, choosing to put my focus on the million and one things I need to achieve today, the deadlines and the big meeting at 3pm before school pick up, what we are going to eat for dinner then how tired I am, sounds awful doesn’t it?! As opposed to: understanding what my schedule holds today, and putting a conscious effort into my tasks at the time I’ve scheduled to achieve these. (Knowing fully that this will achieve the daily, weekly, monthly etc goals). 

This not only gets you through your day but allows you to calmly sense achievement at the end of your day as you have organised a clear path towards attaining what is important to you. 


In the beginning when we trialled this method we each interviewed each other as to what was important and listed our daily, weekly, monthly, annual and 10 year goals. Then what made us happy. We planned backwards to be able to achieve these. This step is a fundamental and we recommend doing this with someone that you trust and you don’t feel judgement from so your goals are clear and true to you. Why would you work to achieve someone else’s goals? Make it work for you! 


Set yourself free from the ‘busy’ trap now!


Simple yet truly effective. Let us know your thoughts and experience we would LOVE to hear about