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Pink Me Up Smoothie


Pink Smoothie

I love making this for my daughter and me. We share the cup which is a fun and really interactive part of our morning daily ritual.
Two of the best parts are:

1) I am comforted understanding that if my daughter chooses to not eat at daycare or even dinner, (as nearly two year olds sometimes do), that she has at least happily slurped and gobbled down more than her RDI of all the good stuff plus more with me, before she has left for the day.

2) Together we have created this morning process where we communicate, help each other, share, create, giggle, taste, enjoy. These are the moments that I personally take with me in my mind forever. I am not only creating an incredible bond with a common interest of delicious nutrition, I am sharing and imparting to my family the importance of daily life, like responsibility, cleaning up after ourselves, mindfully making choices understanding the results, choosing to clean up after we accidentally spilt something. Really great life lessons.

Our yummiest iciest most fulfilling recipe yet! And here’s the deal:
Gut health
Digestive enzymes
Anti inflammatory properties
Lines the gut for your day ahead
Energy slow released for the entire morning

Blood oxygenation

Boosts brain function

Enhances athletic performance

Increases weight loss

Liver detoxification
I could continue but you get the point..

(We use organic where possible - you do what’s best for you)
8 Beetroot leaves with stems, washed well
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 ripe frozen banana, peeled
1tbs bötanica wild ‘original’
1/2 cup fresh cut pineapple
1/2 cup milk your choice, we use homemade oat (check here for recipe)
3/4 cup filtered water

We are definitely not fancy, simply load all ingredients into your powerful blender until beautifully smooth at your favourite drinking consistency. I usually have an excited little dog and toddler looking up at me, or in my arms, a freezer door gaping open beeping at us and many excited noises with my daughter finally exclaiming ‘moomoo’ ‘moomoo’ (smoothie) until I am able to rush it into a cup and add a silicone straw for her to enjoy.

Sometimes we add leftover yoghurt, green leaves or herbs from the garden, a little ginger in winter is a yummy addition to help warm us for the day ahead. We also can’t wait to hear what you add in to make it your very own – hashtag #botanicawild or tag us in your yummy creations!