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Time to Celebrate!

It’s time to get together and celebrate with family and friends with a cocktail. This year we have a great deal to celebrate, learning to live successfully with Covid ever present in our daily lives and coming towards the end of the school year and 2021 in general is a great celebration for what we have all achieved.

Don’t stress we’re here to help! We have put our favourite cocktail recipe down below for you and show you how to take it to the next level, reach new heights that apply to the holiday season. With the entire bötanica wild Cocktail Rim Garnish flavours to add into your repertoire you will be more than ready to be the perfect host or hostess all season long!

Tutti Fruity Tingler


30mls vodka (we like to use Beluga Transatlantic)

2 tbs blueberries muddled/mashed

juice of 1 lemon

juice of 1 lime

2 strawberries muddled/mashed

Mash blueberries and strawberries together in the cocktail shaker with a wooden mallet until a beautiful jammy consistency forms

Add in the juices of both lemon and lime

Fill the shaker ¾ with ice and then add in the vodka

Shake vigorously

Prep glassware with agave syrup on the rim, (we use an organic blue agave)

Dip the coated rim into bötanica wild Tutti Fruity Cocktail Rim Garnish evenly

Serve over crushed ice with a recyclable wooden stirrer to be able to get at all of the yummy fruity bits at the bottom, they’re deliciously muddled and soaked in the cocktail, you don’t want to miss out on these.

This is a great cocktail to offer as it has all of the fun fruity elements without the artificial colours and sugars. You can have all the fun, add in vital nutritional elements and not feel as rough the next morning if you have had one too many. Heaven!

Not all cocktails have to be complicated, most famous cocktails have fewer ingredients think martini – vodka/gin, vermouth and lemon peel.