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Learn more About Gua Sha

Wake up your entire face with the cooling, soothing ' power of rose quartz crystal: It promotes circulation for glowy, healthy-looking skin, releases tension in facial muscles, and cools to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and undereye bags. Brilliant all over or just where you need it, the rose quartz roller, which is inspired by the traditional Chinese practice of gua sha, feels incredible.

Bridging the gap between crystal energy and hardcore skincare science, these magic little mushrooms are the key to enhancing your existing skincare regime - massaging and manipulating your face for a calmer, more even and less puffy complexion.

Place in the fridge for added benefits.


“Using the Magic button, Roller or Heart Gua Sha gently tab or roll around your eyes


“This is for any part of the face you want to temporarily smooth—crow’s-feet, nasolabial lines, forehead, anywhere. Find the area you want to target in the mirror and, holding the skin there taut with two fingers, trace the button over that area, going back and forth perpendicularly, as if you were erasing something with a pencil eraser. It’s a quick, light motion—you want the pressure to be really light so that you don’t leave a mark.”


“Smooth the Gua Sha tool along the brows, going from the inner edge of the brow out toward the hairline. The small shape of the button is great for targeting bony areas on the face, and you’re tracing along the orbital bone to give some lift to the eye area.”