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bötanicawild story

wild is a family name
bötanicawild is a statement of myself - entirely different from everything else I have done in my life it combines my studies - Le Cordon Bleu, MsC International Business, health coach, and my professional life in international trade, charities, mining, food and travelling

the word botanica is latin for plant - touching on my history and language background, rooibos is not a tea as it is not a leaf It is a shrub native to the western cape in South Africa, close to my heart

we thoroughly look forward to hearing about your experience with bötanicawild #howdoyoubotanicawild @bötanicawild



bötanicawild has beautified my skin, simply adding it to my daily water bottle and it is so yummy! best 'health product' I've brought in years thank you!

Melita Chaloner, Bayside VIC