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Did you ask for ice cream?

At bötanica wild, we are obviously focused on health and nutrition from the inside out. That doesn’t mean that we are one hundred percent healthy all of the time!

I have found that I need to allow myself to have a serious treat a couple of times per week to level out the healthful and mindful eating and to stay on track so I am happy with what I am doing on a daily basis.

 Here’s one of the ways I treat myself whilst respecting my mind, body and choices, it’s like the dichotomy of naughty and nice.

 (we choose organic ingredients where we can)

Throw gently into your powerful blender all together:

1 cup soaked cashews

1 tbs bötanica wild lean superfood

1 pinch Himalayan salt

1 frozen ripe banana

1 tbs vanilla bean paste


Blend together until a gorgeous creamy consistency awaits you.

Then place into silicone ice cream moulds, with a cute little wooden, or re-useable bamboo stick to allow us to dip, hold and enjoy later on.


Option here is to place this into an airtight container, or even a re-useable zip lock silicone baggie then straight into the freezer to rest and firm up. I use this method to have a scoop later on, not so good for portion sizes as I can’t put it away at just one scoop.

In a saucepan over low heat place:

½ cup coconut oil

½ cup vegan chocolate chips

1 tbs bötanica wild ‘original’ superfood powder

I love adding a handful almond slithers here too.

Mix gently until melted and shiny smooth. You can retrieve your icy delicious pops from the freezer, and dip them into the chocolatey coating and then return to set in freezer 15 minutes, or also you can run this gooey chocolate mixture over the scoop/s of ice cream you have just made to indulge.

Here I have achieved a ridiculously tasty treat, but I also understand that I am choosing to put a whole heap of goodness and mindful healthy choices into my body whilst doing so in a fun way. All boxes ticked. Happy.

This vegan ice cream is creamy, rich and incredibly easy to make all in your blender with a few simple ingredients that don’t break the bank.