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Face Yoga - we do it with tools

New to face yoga? It’s not new to us - literally been practiced for centuries and if you think about it you’ve practiced a little yourself, maybe even while reading this blog, squinting in the sunlight - frowning to read the font maybe even pursing your pout to pronounce a word you are reading.
The low down: the practice of massaging and applying gentle pressure to the facial muscles which in turn naturally stimulates collagen production, reduces lines on skin, saggy jaw lines, it also helps the skin absorb the product you are applying to the epidermis where is is needed to have the desired effect, and when you’re done, your appearance is glowing, dewy and refreshed. All huge positives don’t you agree?!
Basically what we have researched and practice at bötanica wild I’ll describe to you below (I’ll also do a video with the whole process as it’s a bit long winded to write and save to favourites on the Insta so you’ve got it there when you’re ready to try) is the method that is the most effective for the least investment - both tools and time wise, you’re welcome!
What we are doing here is creating a habit that not only is achievable on the daily but one that you’ll grow to crave. I have even got a separate set of tools and oil I keep in a travel bag that I grab for both long days and trips away (I know it’s great to be out enjoying life again after lockdowns, huh!)

Beginning with the heart shape tool apply a comfortable amount of pressure safely to the crease of your nose where it meets your cheek - there’s a pressure point there you’ll feel it when you are hitting the right spot so to speak. Wobbling the tool run it along under the cheekbone until under the ear lobe. Holding steady light pressure there, then make a smiling face, then pouty face each for 8 seconds a couple times really pouting the lips over accentuating the whole movement - this is where the traditional face yoga comes into our routine. Always repeat on the other side of the face, keeping it symmetrical is a good thing.
There are so many beautiful things we can do for our face to achieve our best glowing skin and health, face yoga is right up the top of the list here. Also the fact that we spend amounts of money on facial creams serums oils, that promise us the world, doing face yoga using tools will get these gorgeous tiny products to where they need to be to have the impact they advertise and promise us.
Videos to come, they’re as much fun to watch as they are to make! You’ll see!