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Collagen on my mind!

Collagen has really been a hot topic over the last three years whether it be a supplement or for topical use.
Let’s debunk, cut through all of the hype because at bötanica wild we’re all about providing a platform for our community to gain knowledge, advice and be able to make the best choice for themselves.
Fact one: collagen is a protein in the body’s connective tissue.
Fact two: collagen builds hair, nails, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Yes, we have more facts for you soon but let’s just look at these two above, the fact that it is a protein and that it is directly related to and affects let’s look at hair skin and nails for example, wow so we can imagine increasing this to healthily improve and beautify ourselves - excellent!
Fact three: collagen can come in many different forms - making it flexible to choose an option for you to see the the one that is going to work for your lifestyle and desired outcome. Perfect.
What we mean is that our bodies naturally produce collagen when given all of the right stuff ie. food, rest, support, sunshine, you get it.
At bötanica wild we have combined our knowledge research and core philosophy to make available the products that we not only recommend to our community to improve their daily lifestyle but ones that we use ourselves, daily. I have been using gua sha for years and never found both the shape and stone that really resonated, and especially with the roller I always found ones that squeak as the hardware has not been made with the highest quality metal hardware. This I had to fix.
We currently have three gua sha tools beautifully crafted from rose quartz that has been soaked in moonlight to provide you with maximum healing benefits. Our roller took a little longer to arrive on the website as there was a lot of back and forth with research and development getting it right. I am very fussy with this. I can’t tell you how many times I cleansed, toned, applied serum and a beautiful oil then used a roller to massage all the goodness into my epidermis and the roller would squeak, or worse rattle, talk about ruining a moment! Weight and the feeling of our bötanica wild gua sha tools was a huge factor as well. As I am lovingly massaging my face using gua sha I need to feel satisfied with a quality product in my hands to compliment the beautiful products and oils I have applied beforehand.
One of the most important things that we’ve focussed on creating the gua sha tools is naturally produced collagen.
Fact four: when the skin is stimulated using gua sha tools, the body naturally produces collagen resulting in more youthful, plump and hydrated skin.
That’s right, you can assist your body with natural beauty tools in your own home on the daily, (more if you like!) to produce more collagen, become more clear, hydrated, glowing and plump.
My favourite aspect of the gua sha is that it can be used anywhere you are - sitting at my desk to alleviate a headache using the magic button fresh from the refrigerator in between my index and middle fingers applying it in circular motions on the temples. I have also been known to use the heart shape gua sha on my legs and hips in the plane whilst I was pregnant, it was my lifesaver from swollen, heavy ankles and the pain of stress on my joints.
The motion of gua sha tools against your skin moves the lymph liquid around your body, carrying away the dead and infected blood cells to be expelled, (usually through sweat glands). This reduces redness, puffiness and leaves you with plump youthful hydrated glowing skin.
We are going to do a video in the roller pointing out it’s benefits and how we love using each of the three tools, can’t wait to hear your feedback as well!