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heard of oil cleansing?

While the buzz and awareness of gua sha/facial yoga/face massage is rapidly growing there has also been such a great chatter of oil cleansing.
This is a game changer over here, we do it daily literally everyone in my family. I especially love that more open education and discussion has allowed us to all see that it’s not a ‘scary’ or ‘bad’ thing to apply oil to your skin to cleanse it. Because it is great!

The most exciting thing was the first for my partner, allowing me to cleanse his face, neck and entire chest and seeing the instantaneous effect it had - pulling out of the pores ingrained sweat, dead skin and dirt basically was a thrill for us both!

If you’re seasoned at this shout out and share your method and hints - this helps raise awareness and teaches our community alternate ways to care for themselves we live that.
My big thing is to begin on a dry skin with dry hands. This allows the oil molecules to magnetize to dirt and impurities, sweeping them out of your skin and ultimately down the drain as you rinse later.
We're currently using bötanica wild Glow Face Food Oil the naturally organic patchouli oil really achieves the most gorgeous thorough cleanse leaving my whole body glowing to confidently go about my day. I love that extra layer of self love and confidence, it really goes a long way.

Basically I add a whole dropper of Face Food Oil to my palms rubbing them together to warm the magical oil and apply directly to my face, neck, chest right to my boobs. Because who doesn’t want beautiful skin everywhere right?! Why stop at the chin? Think bikinis, even T-shirt’s expose more skin then below your jawline we can help that shine naturally, why wouldn’t you?
Massaging into the skin whether it has makeup, tears, breakfast remenants until my skin feels happily moisturised, warm, a little buzzy all in a good way I then wither rinse with a clean and cold washcloth or jump into the shower and rinse warm.


I then use the Face Food Oil again to moisturise it sits beautifully under my tinted sunscreen and bronzer for everyday.

Happy glowing bötanica wild community