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My go-to support for a high paced busy time

I would love to share with you my go-to for a high paced busy time. The reason I wanted to bring our bötanica wild memory salt to you all, read on to see how it was created and why I’m sharing it with you, you’ll love it!

This is a big week. Are you feeling it too? So many deadlines to meet and it just feels like there’s so much going on at home that I want to make sure that I am super present for, I want to feel the moment.
Leading up to Christmas, the holiday season is a crazy busy time and I feel myself taking advantage of every single little tip that is offered to me that resonates. In my teens I remember taking everything on myself, being brought up to be super independent I honestly took on every task and challenge and made it work which was great. Now in my life I am juggling so many different roles which I love that I have slowly learnt to accept help and delegate things so I don’t miss out on the moments that will last a lifetime.
I feel like it is my mission, and also my responsibility to be around and healthy enjoy to be fun and active for my family, so the accepting help and advice thing has really come into play more recently. Maybe I felt like I was defeated, or cheating by accepting others help or that or that it took away from my strength, I don’t know but what I have learnt works for me is that I am better spending my time enjoying what I am doing and then allocating the tasks that I don’t enjoy or are not as good at out. This is the way forward for me.
As you all know I am a little fanatical about health. Maximising health to fit into our lifestyle so it’s achievable - then you’re achieving the whole trifecta, mind, body, spiritual. I have known for many years the incredible benefits of mushrooms, I feel as if they’re a superpower unto themselves that science hasn’t fully understood yet.
What I can guarantee you is the affect I have personally had from eating these incredible varieties forever. I had to share these incredible powers with you, it’s honestly helped me retain clear focus and memory and a host of other really interesting benefits along with it. I have been mixing organic reishi mushroom with salt forever and notice when I have run out the change in my memory power and retention. It’s a daily in my household, we have it in a pinch bowl on the kitchen island, this morning I added it to a spring omelette. I also seasoned it with the mushroom salt before I gobbled it all up, yum.
Not only am I providing myself with a memory boost, calm focus, this powerful fungus is known for helping with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and boosting the immune system, but it is crazily delicious and adds a little something extra in all senses of the word to your daily cooking.
Try bötanica wild memory salt in your next home cooked meal, (or take it out with you and add it to your meal), share the photo with us and tag a friend follower for a chance to win a bötanica wild original! Winner announced first week of December!