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Seafood Rolls by Lexie

Seafood Rolls 


Having one of those days between seasons where you are confused as to what to eat? Hungry, un-inspired, tired? Not only will this simple recipe positively shake things up in the food department for you, but will restore your calm focus, energy levels, blood sugar and provide you with a host of incredibly healthy benefits. You will love it, and your body will love you for it!


All of the fatigue related symptoms listed above are normal, especially after getting back to work, school, life after we have been in lockdown here in Melbourne for what feels like a large portion of these last two years. I have been supplementing my diet with nutritional super-foods that I have created for many years and through this have discovered incredibly powerful ways for me to feel like I am doing my best and am on top of my game.

Only focusing on the above symptoms, (fatigue, lethargy, boredom, a bit of hopelessness), the properties in bötanica wild ‘original’ superfood powder literally help the blood carry oxygen more efficiently throughout your entore body which in turn allows you to feel warmer, more motivated to all of your extremeties, like your body has been awaken alive again. It stabilizes your blood sugar levels to calm that possible sugar or caffeine spike that we sometimes give ourselves. It has been described as a clean calm input of focus and energy as opposed to a jittery buzz of adrenaline that leaves your tummy achy and empty.

If you are interested in understanding more of the health benefits, have a look at our website or if you prefer more of a visual pop check out our colourful insta: @botanicawild where we share the myriad of health benefits, and allow our clients to share the benefits they’ve gained the most from – we would love to hear from you as well!


Try this today, it will not disappoint.

(we grow and buy organic where possible)

1 large cucumber, shaved into length-way ribbons

 in a bowl combine gently the below ingredients:

200gr cooked, or raw diced seafood of your choice (today I’m using kingfish)

pinch salt

1 tbs bötanica wild ‘original’ superfood powder

handful finely diced herbs, (coriander, ginger, basil, chive)

splash extra virgin olive oil

zest of one lemon

juice of one lemon

1 tsp baby capers diced

1 spring onion finely diced, fold together until combined well


Lay ribbons of cucumber on a clean surface and fill thinly with seafood mixture, then roll gently to form a wheel. You can fix it with a recyclable wooden toothpick to hold shape nicely. Sprinkle a little extra bötanica wild ‘original’ superfood powder over the top to serve, you can also add finely sliced chili here if it is to your taste. Healthy mind body and kitchen!